Young girls that I know say their favorite online stores is Shein.com. They love the outfits especially the lingerie. These girls are much younger just turning 20 and in college. However, I believe for older teens and girls in their early twenties, this is a good start.  Shop here for great deals.
I also like ChicMe.com. This is for the young lady in her 20’s and early 30’s. ChicMe has some great looking items at discount prices. Quality is better than  Shein. This is a good alternative to Shein.
One of my personal favorites is the high end discount stores including Nordstrom, NordstromRack.com, Coach and my favorite Prada. I also like Burberry.
For sportswear we love Arc’teryx.  Arc’teryx has been a driving force of innovation in this industry. That’s why our name has become synonymous with obsessive design. Every detail matters in extreme conditions, and we’re a brand built for the mountains.
These brands all have items of great quality in my opinion that if you look and sign up for the emails you can afford.
These stores have high end luxury items and if you visit often they haves sales and huge discounts on items some of us could never afford unless they are on sale.
I also won’t forget to mention her favorite make-up. She loves MAC
And ladies do not forget that you can find many items from my list on Amazon.com


As a business man who likes to dress nice but who hates to pay retail. let’s talk about Men’s Fashion.

Whether you need to attend a corporate meeting or just visit the client. I have some great places to shop.

For lounging around the house I do like Marshall’s. You can find nice blue jeans and t-shirts there. It is very affordable. Also as I like to cook, there are many cooking utensils  that I like to use at very affordable prices.

One of my favorite online stores is Paul Fredrick,  which sells high quality upscale apparel and accessories for the modern professional manThese are made with a good quality in my opinion at good prices.

If you love menswear that is of spectacular quality and excellent value look no further than Charlestyrwhitt. Work Smarter . Not Harder. You can also customize your outfits.

Lululemon is one of my top sites for Men’s and Women’s casual and sports wear. Lululemon has managed to achieve a cult-like status in the past 10 years. What once started out as sleek yoga wear has now evolved into a full-on lifestyle brand that specializes in clothing you can wear to the gym or mix into your everyday wardrobe. The brand’s elevated basics can take you just about anywhere and keep you looking sharp.

As for the luxury brands, just like the Women’s clothing, Nordstrom, NordstromRack, Coach, Burberry and my favorite Prada.

You can also find most of these brands on Amazon.com.