About Us

I grew up in Pensacola, Fl. After High School I entered into the Marine Corps for 4 years. I spent the next 35 years living in Atlanta, Ga. Working in the Automotive business and a stint with Prudential Securities. During this time I have seen several different market turns, changes in life and have made many mistakes. I am here to share with you my opinions on different subjects. These are my favorite hobbies and what I enjoy researching. I am not here to sell you anything, however, I do get paid a commission by these companies if there are any. I have used or my my family has used any products that I talk about. I will only promote what I believe in and in most cases I have used or am using at this time.

In my adult years I’ve had a passion for personal finance, shopping, autos and personal development.

I want to teach as many people as possible about the inner workings of life while keeping the content 100% free.

I’m a huge advocate for free information. Why pay for overpriced online courses or mentors when you can learn everything on the internet at no cost?

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